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Land Property for sale (EN)

Land property for sale, development area for sale at the Danube river


Location of the area

The developmental area of totally 24,168 square meters is situated in the riverbank side of the district XI, Budapest, near Albertfalva. This part of the district is bordered by the river, Árasztó road, Házgyári road (Mezőkövesd street) and Hunyadi János road. The developmental area is located on a two-site property (with the topographical numbers 43587/11 and 43587/17) and its owner is the L. B. Vetus Architect Ltd. and Czado Ltd. (both the owners: László Bibok and László Bibok jr.)). According to the approved district regulatory plan the building zone classification of the site is Vi-2-XI-10. The permitted biggest in-building extent of the premises is 50% and the biggest territorial standard is 2,55 + parking facility: 1,30. The extent of the underground in-building is 60%. The highest possible building height is 25 meters (taking the top level of the flood protection dam the zero level!).



Further important facts:

- the site is unencumbered and free of any legal action of financial demand,

- the former owner - the Self Government of district XI, Újbuda, Budapest - has declared that no environment polluting activities have ever happened on the site, which is proved my the executed risk estimation and the letter in which the risk estimation is accepted by the Közép-Duna Völgyi Környezetvédelmi, Természetvédelmi és Vízügyi Felügyelőség (Middle-Danube-Valley Inspectorate of Environment, Nature, and Water Protection) (with number KTVF: 35758-3/2008),

- Archeological excavation has taken place in the area and a report has been carried out on it (ancient Roman stone walls have been found in the excavated area, but they do not have such an importance that they should be kept in the present condition and the building has to be re-planned because of them),

- Also, as a part of the developmental area (project) there is a permission valid until recall for use of a public boat station is capable to house smaller boats on right bank section of the Danube 1639 km + 850.

Thank you for your interest,


László Bibok executive director



Land property for sale



Development area documents (downloadable)